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Rhode Island Historic Cemetery Restoration and Awareness Day
April 11, 2020 - CANCELLED

In light of the corona-virus pandemic we are asking that all Restoration & Awareness GROUP activities be cancelled for April 11th. We will re-group and pick up where we left off when the environment is safe and we are allowed to gather and work in the cemeteries. Until then we must adhere to the Governor's mandates.

Peggy Malcolm- RI Cemetery Commission- pmalcolm@cox.net
Christine MacWilliams- 2020 Event Organizer- cmacwilliams58@yahoo.com


The RI Historic Cemetery Commission meets four times per year: April, June, September and November, typically the third Wednesday of the month.

2020 Scheduled Meetings: April 15th, June 17th, September 16th, November 18th


Next Scheduled Meeting:

Location and Date/Time:

June 17, 2020 - 6:30pm

Rhode Island Veterans Cemetery
301 S County Trail, Exeter, RI 02822